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[S7E10] Adrift And At Peace PORTABLE

He emerges from the bunker due to Cindy calling to him and, after putting down a reanimated Dakota, finds the Stalkers watching him. The Stalkers demand that John and June surrender, while John realizes June has been lying the whole time about how long they must wait, afraid of facing the outside world without her husband. Briefly abandoning June to search for Cindy's body, John snaps out of it in time to kill the Stalkers and save June. The two subsequently discover Cindy's body in the bunker by accident, bringing John peace. The bunker collapses, but the two are rescued by Strand's Rangers and taken to the Tower. When Morgan arrives at the bunker, Strand contacts him on a radio. Morgan threatens to kill his former friend if Strand hurts anyone he cares about, but Strand is unmoved by his threats.

[S7E10] Adrift and at Peace


After Alicia arrives at the Tower with her army, Strand invites her, accompanied by Daniel, inside under the guise of discussing peace terms. Strand reveals his men are leading the radioactive walkers from the crater to the Tower to deal with Alicia's army while he keeps her prisoner until she comes around to his way of thinking. Breaking free, Alicia has a standoff with Strand who, after learning that Alicia doesn't have much time left to live, agrees to forgo his plan if she spends the time she has left with him. This change of heart causes Wes and the Rangers to mutiny, intending to kill Strand, Alicia and everyone else in order to protect the Tower.

Alicia and Strand are prepared to die, but Alicia convinces him to rejoin the group after she learns the girl she has been speaking to is actually herself. Alicia makes contact with Morgan, who is adrift in the Gulf of Mexico and thinks PADRE may be real. Fearing she will die at sea and reanimate, Alicia refuses to join the group as they prepare to set sail and says her goodbyes, and tells Strand she loves him before collapsing. Some time later, she awakens, fully healed from her infection, and tells her hallucination she will help people looking for PADRE as she heads back towards the ruins of the Tower.

He lay on the cold ground. All around him was darkness and silence. His gaze was directed upwards towards the night sky. Snowflakes danced in the air and fell lightly on his face. He didn't know how long he had been lying here, but it must have been a long time, because he should be cold. Not only was the snow constantly falling on him, but the snow was also underneath him, and his clothes must have been soaked through and through. But he didn't feel any of it, he hadn't really felt anything at all for a while now, except the complete peace and joy of the approaching end. 041b061a72


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