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How To Find The Serial Number On Your CDA Fridge Free EXCLUSIVEzer

The serial number is located on the rating plate, which is a sticker that contains important information about your appliance, such as the model number, energy rating, and voltage. The rating plate can be found in different places depending on the type and model of your CDA fridge freezer. Here are some common locations where you can look for the rating plate:

How to Find the Serial Number on Your CDA Fridge Freezer


  • Inside the fridge door (either on the door itself or close by)

  • Near or behind the salad tray/crisper

  • Near or behind the bottom drawer

  • Inside the freezer door

  • Near the fridge light

  • Inside wall of the fridge freezer (mainly the fridge)

The serial number and appliance model will consist of an array of numbers and letters which are generally 10-12 digits long. For example, a serial number could look like this: 3585374d24. You may need to use a flashlight or a magnifying glass to read the rating plate clearly.

Once you have found the serial number on your CDA fridge freezer, you can use it to register your warranty online at, contact CDA customer care by telephone on 01949 862012, or visit for more information and support.

Finding the serial number on your CDA fridge freezer is easy once you know where to look. By keeping a record of your serial number, you can ensure that you get the most out of your appliance and enjoy its performance for years to come. 04f6b60f66


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