Cambio Spaces is a community-building platform that connects groups of people to local venues.

By forming partnerships with local venues and community groups, we enable the public to book spaces and organize events.

Cambio Spaces is designed to be an open-source platform for communities of all types to mobilize and meet in off-line settings.

It is also a tool for local venues and businesses to increase their foot traffic and visibility, and to make the most out of idle or underutilized real estate.

What Types of Events Have We Organized?

Cambio Spaces has organized a variety of events with artist, start up, special interest, social impact, and food & beverage communities.

In the process we have cemented our reputation in local communities for providing alternative events experiences and bringing people from all walks of life together. Our team has managed over 500 events in the past 5 years with a diverse range of organizers and venues in Shanghai, Halifax, New York City, and the Washington DC metropolitan area.

Who We Work With