Cambio Space partners with a variety of venues to help them activate their space, attract new customers, earn ticketing and booking income, and gain exposure or new followers.

Benefits for Spaces / Venues

  • Activate your space to attract new customers and potential tenants.


  • Generate foot traffic and social media traction through events-driven marketing and branding.


  • Activate untapped revenue streams through ticket sales, booking fees, and increased sales during events.
  • Opportunities for PR, cross-promotion, and greater brand exposure to the public


  • Long term collaboration with a variety of local event organizers and groups that will produce regular content


  • Events deliver new experiences and create deeper connections with followers and customers

Who We Work With

How its Works 

Booking Revenue Distribution

It is up to the venue to decide whether or not event organizers should be charged booking fees to use their space for events.

In our experience, venues that are free for groups to book are more likely to attract regular and diverse events. This may be an effective strategy for attracting new community members or customers, and may be especially appropriate for venues like F&B establishment that will make more profits from increased food and drink sales during events.

Venues that do decide to charge booking fees will likely host less events, but will attract a more targeted audience (i.e., more corporate clients or clientele with less budgetary constraints). This may be appropriate for more “premium” venues that are in high demand, or that are specially purposed for certain functions like performances, corporate trainings, private parties, etc. 

Booking fees charged through the Cambio Spaces platform will be distributed in the following way:

Space / Venue

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