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Hide And Seek Extreme GRAB ALL COINS - PLAYER E... LINK

Hide and Seek Extreme is a hide-and-seek genre game created by Tim7775 on January 18, 2015 with an ID of 205224386. It is a rework of older hide-and-seek games, possibly TwoShue's Hide n' Seek XL: Living Spaces. In this game, up to 13 players need to stay away (hide) from the seeker for a period of four minutes otherwise they will get caught and lose.

Hide and Seek extreme GRAB ALL COINS - PLAYER E...

The hiders are then released into the selected map, spawned at the same location (which is mainly a secluded location in the map). The seeker will also be at the spawn location, "frozen" (not having the ability to move around the map), but can still watch the players hide. The hiders will be given a sixty-second period of time to hide. At the bottom left corner you can see how many studs the seeker is away from you inside the white rectangle if you are a hider and in the top right corner you can see how many hiders are currently alive and spectate the seeker.

After the sixty seconds have passed, then the seeker will be un-frozen and will now have the ability to move around the map. The seeker must find and catch all the hiders before the time runs out for the seeker for him or her to win. To catch a player, the seeker needs to make contact with the player. Alternatively, players can also be caught by resetting their character or leaving the server. If the timer runs out or the seeker leaves the server, then all the surviving hiders will win. If the seeker manages to catch all the hiders within the four minutes provided, then the seeker will win.

This map takes place inside a kitchen where there is an oven, a cabinet with one coin under it, some shelves, an orange plant with one coin inside it, (which is impossible to collect) a table, some light brown chairs, three of which have blue seats, four of which have bouncing red seats, a blender which has one coin inside it and a brown book shelf that holds things, including four coins. The best hiding places are inside the oven where there is a floor which players can easily get inside and one coin spawns there, and inside the sink, there is a teleporter which brings you to the top of the cabinets, and if you walk far enough, then you can get to the fridge with one coin on top of it or it's handles. There's also another teleporter inside the orange dining table plant to the top of the book shelf. Which have a couple of shelves to hide in. Everybody spawns at an upper closet with a pole on top. Another great hiding location is a glitch-only location on the right side of the oven inside where if you use the freestyle taunt you have a chance to go to the middle somewhere in the oven and end up underneath the oven or the right cabinet. A third great hiding location is inside the Shards in the Code book on the third shelf. You can also jump onto the blue chair with one coin on it while the seeker is near the dining table, even if he or she knows that you are on top of there, it will still take a long time for him or her to catch you.

This map takes place inside a workshop which contains some wrenches, screwdrivers, red and yellow barrels, boxes, tables, a red stamp with black text displaying the word ROBLOX, drawers, paint buckets, a green boombox with a coin next to it and a white board holding black, red and blue circular magnets. The best hiding locations are on a blue thingy, on the upper side, there is a blue thingy that has a wall which players can go through, a black circle (on a blue bar nearest to the two tires standing vertically) teleporter on it which teleports you to the top of the white board with four coins on it, and a box on a desk which can bounce you onto a high shelf where you can head boost to get onto the spray bottles on the other side or hop down onto the red paint bucket or onto the red box with a white cross attached to the wall and one coin on top of it. Another great hiding location is the fake bottom stair in the gray stair area. It is hollow, and you can go inside there. You can also collect four coins on the way there. Everybody spawns inside a blue drawer which is empty. Another great hiding location is on top of the blue block with a red button on it where at the other side you can head boost to get up there. (Note: if the seeker has the Panda or Jacob character equipped then he might jump on his camera and catch you.)

In the shop, there are four sections: Characters, Taunts, Pets and Other. You can open the shop by clicking on the white square button on the left. Every item except for the Emma and Ethan characters and the Wave taunt costs Robux or coins. Coins can be collected by catching the hiders for five coins each, buying them with robux, collecting them in the map, or surviving a game for ten coins. When the Triple Coins item has been purchased, you can get up to three coins by collecting them in the map. If the Boombox item was purchased for 300 robux, then not only you will carry a black boombox on your back, but you can play any audio you want with or without earbuds until you have been caught by the seeker. The Yeti character can be purchased for 50 robux. You can also increase or reduce your chances of becoming the seeker.

Hide and Seek Extreme is a straightforward game. When a new round starts, the game chooses a map and a player at random to be the seeker. Hiders are the final players. The hiders are then sent into the map to hide in various locations; the seekers are frozen throughout this time.

The game gives the hiders a set amount of time to hide. The seeker becomes active once the player has chosen a good hiding area. The seeker's main task now is to locate and capture the hiders before time runs out. If time runs out and the seeker is unable to locate the hiders, the hiders win the game; otherwise, the seeker wins. 041b061a72


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