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Mark Martinov
Mark Martinov

As a small business owner in the renovation and construction industry, I have always strived to ensure that our company stays ahead of the curve in the online world. Therefore, when we decided to update our website, the choice fell on Craft CMS development case study This platform not only promised modern design and ease of use, but also powerful content management tools, which was a deciding factor for us. The first impression of the new site was simply amazing. We received a modern, stylish design that perfectly reflects our company. It is important to note that thanks to Craft CMS we were able to easily set up sections for different types of services, which allowed clients to quickly find the information they needed. However, the most important thing is the ease of content management. Now we didn't have to contact developers to make even small changes. We can independently update the portfolio of projects, add news and promotions, and also manage SEO optimization of pages. This saved us a lot of time and resources.


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