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OpenShot features a spotless, easy, and simple to utilize interface, which makes video creation and editing quick and straightforward. Also, the application enables you to create 3D animated title sequences that will impress the viewers.

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Utilizing KineMaster is very simple: You simply have to pick the contents you need to add to your video in the order that you need them and add a title to the final composition. After this, you can pick a general subject for your video, which will likewise include an introduction. Be that as it may; obviously, you can also edit your content in greater depth if you want to.

VideoPad Video Editor is an example of well-made free video editing software that almost anyone can download, install, and start using. You don't need years of technical experience or advanced understanding of video editing programs to use this best free video editing software, as it has been built from the ground up to be highly accessible and beginner-friendly.

One of the best free video-editing apps, Microsoft Photos is an excellent option for viewing, simple editing, and sharing of digital photos and videos. Unlike professional video making programs that offer countless menus, panels, and features, Microsoft Photos is easy to use, clear, and has everything you need for basic viewing and fixes. For any casual user, Microsoft Photos is a fine choice for managing, editing, and sharing videos.

4K Ultra HD videos help users to enjoy minute details and close-ups with a stunning viewing experience. The reason behind this is very simple. Its definition is much better than general human eye capabilities as it is designed with a 20/20 vision concept. But, the sad truth is that it is not possible to play 4K UHD videos for free on Windows PC as well as on MacBook/iMac or on Mac OS because common software tools result in poor video quality. If you are searching for some of the most useful and powerful 4k video players that are available for free on Mac and Windows 10 platforms, then the article below can provide you with huge details.

It is time to enjoy impressive HD video content with MKV support in a 5K player. You will be glad to know that it offers all in one service with extended support to Online Downloader, AirPlay Media Streamer, Music Player, and HD Video Player. 5K Player can be used on both Windows and Mac platforms.

This open-source and free-to-use 4K UHD video player offers cross-platform multimedia support, and its advanced framework is capable enough to play almost all popular media file formats. You can download and use it on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS as well. The best addition is its support for all advanced streaming protocols so that users can update content live to the internet without external plugins.

KMP offers a highly versatile interface with extended support to all inherited formats, whereas advanced media files can be played easily with automatic codec updates. KMPlayer is simply the fast and safe solution for your impressive video quality, and it works perfectly on slow computers too. Users can also modify this interface as per their needs by accessing a customizable toolset. This video player can play 4K videos on both Windows and Mac.

DivX is designed with edge video technology, and it is popular for its award-winning software interface that allows impressive playback for files. You can also access 4K UHD videos on DivX along with other high-quality video files. This player is well designed to support web-based video clips, TV Shows, and movies. You can simply download DivX Software for free on your Windows or Mac computer.

MPC-HC is well known open source, the lightweight medial player that is recommended as the most interactive video player for Windows users. It extends support to almost all audio and video file formats without asking for additional codecs. The best part is its advertisement-free platform and 100% protection from spyware.

DVDFab is one of the most commonly used Blu-ray media players that offer incredible playback efficiency along with an impressive viewing experience. It supports 4K, and UHD video quality with a breathtaking content appearance. This tool is updated from time to time with new features so that users can enjoy the latest content with ease and can be used on both Mac and Windows computers.

Finally, when you purchase Mine Racer, you are issued a unique set of links for your copy of the game, and these links eventually expire. That means that if a new update to the game is released, you will need to contact the game developers in order to be able to download the game once again. Perhaps a registration code might be issued in future, so that players can have access to new versions of the game at any time.

Downpour offers two features not available from Audible or most other sources of downloadable titles. First, Downpour titles are available in non-DRM (digital rights management) MP3 formats. This means you can listen to these books using the player app and device of your choice. Second, you not only can purchase titles using a membership or subscription plan, but you can also rent titles for at least 30 days.

Thermographic inspection has been widely applied to non-destructive testing and evaluation with the capabilities of rapid, contactless, and large surface area detection. Image segmentation is considered essential for identifying and sizing defects. To attain a high-level performance, specific physics-based models that describe defects generation and enable the precise extraction of target region are of crucial importance. In this paper, an effective genetic first-order statistical image segmentation algorithm is proposed for quantitative crack detection. The proposed method automatically extracts valuable spatial-temporal patterns from unsupervised feature extraction algorithm and avoids a range of issues associated with human intervention in laborious manual selection of specific thermal video frames for processing. An internal genetic functionality is built into the proposed algorithm to automatically control the segmentation threshold to render enhanced accuracy in sizing the cracks. Eddy current pulsed thermography will be implemented as a platform to demonstrate surface crack detection. Experimental tests and comparisons have been conducted to verify the efficacy of the proposed method. In addition, a global quantitative assessment index F-score has been adopted to objectively evaluate the performance of different segmentation algorithms.

There has been a significant increase in the availability of 3D players and displays in the last years. Nonetheless, the amount of 3D content has not experimented an increment of such magnitude. To alleviate this problem, many algorithms for converting images and videos from 2D to 3D have been proposed. Here, we present an automatic learning-based 2D-3D image conversion approach, based on the key hypothesis that color images with similar structure likely present a similar depth structure. The presented algorithm estimates the depth of a color query image using the prior knowledge provided by a repository of color + depth images. The algorithm clusters this database attending to their structural similarity, and then creates a representative of each color-depth image cluster that will be used as prior depth map. The selection of the appropriate prior depth map corresponding to one given color query image is accomplished by comparing the structural similarity in the color domain between the query image and the database. The comparison is based on a K-Nearest Neighbor framework that uses a learning procedure to build an adaptive combination of image feature descriptors. The best correspondences determine the cluster, and in turn the associated prior depth map. Finally, this prior estimation is enhanced through a segmentation-guided filtering that obtains the final depth map estimation. This approach has been tested using two publicly available databases, and compared with several state-of-the-art algorithms in order to prove its efficiency.

We describe an image analysis supervised learning algorithm that can automatically classify galaxy images. The algorithm is first trained using a manually classified images of elliptical, spiral, and edge-on galaxies. A large set of image features is extracted from each image, and the most informative features are selected using Fisher scores. Test images can then be classified using a simple Weighted Nearest Neighbor rule such that the Fisher scores are used as the feature weights. Experimental results show that galaxy images from Galaxy Zoo can be classified automatically to spiral, elliptical and edge-on galaxies with accuracy of 90% compared to classifications carried out by the author. Full compilable source code of the algorithm is available for free download, and its general-purpose nature makes it suitable for other uses that involve automatic image analysis of celestial objects. PMID:20161594

The foot strike pattern (FSP, description of how the foot touches the ground at impact) is recognized to be a predictor of both performance and injury risk. The objective of the current investigation was to validate an original foot strike pattern assessment technique based on the numerical analysis of foot pressure distribution. We analyzed the strike patterns during running of 145 healthy men and women (85 male, 60 female). The participants ran on a treadmill with integrated pressure plate at three different speeds: preferred (shod and barefoot 2.8 0.4 m/s), faster (shod 3.5 0.6 m/s) and slower (shod 2.3 0.3 m/s). A custom-designed algorithm allowed the automatic footprint recognition and FSP evaluation. Incomplete footprints were simultaneously identified and corrected from the software itself. The widely used technique of analyzing high-speed video recordings was checked for its reliability and has been used to validate the numerical technique. The automatic numerical approach showed a good conformity with the reference video-based technique (ICC = 0.93, p


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