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I Got A Monster YIFY

One hundred years ago, Dracula and other monsters survive to the attack of Dr. Van Helsing and his men to his castle with a magical amulet. In the present days, Dracula travels to the United States and arrives in a small town. He summons the Werewolf, the Mummy, the Swamp Thing and Frankenstein's creature to help him to retrieve the amulet.In the town, a man claims that he is the werewolf and goes to the police station to ask to be locked up in a cell. Meanwhile a mummy vanishes from the local museum and police detective Del (Stephen Macht) is assigned to investigate the case. When his son Sean (Andre Gower), who is a monster fan, learns the news, he joins his friends Patrick (Robby Kiger), Horace (Brent Chalem) and Rudy (Ryan Lambert) in his monster club to read a Van Helsing's journal that was given by his mother. However the book is written in German and they are not able to translate it. So they asks for help from their weird neighbor that they call Scary German Guy (Leonardo Cimino) and they discover that they need to recover the amulet and a virgin to get rid off Dracula and the monsters. Meanwhile Sean's little sister Phoebe (Ashley Bank), who is unsuccessfully trying to join the club, befriends Frankenstein's creature. The unlike group brings Patrick's sister (Lisa Fuller), who claims that is virgin, to read the passage that sends the monsters to the limbo. Will they be successful in their intent?"The Monster Squad" is a highly entertaining cult movie with a funny story that entwines adventure, dark comedy and horror. This film is also a tribute to the Universal Monsters. There is a touching moment when the Scary German Guy tells to the kids that he has experience with monsters and we see a concentration camp number on his arm. My vote is seven.Title (Brazil): "Deu a Louca nos Monstros" ("The Monsters Have Gone Crazy")Note: On 24 July 2016, I saw this film again.Note: On 09 Sep 2018, I saw this film again.

I Got a Monster YIFY


One hundred years ago, Dr. Van Helsing and his men tried to rid the world of vampires and monsters. He failed and Dracula survives. Dracula travels across the globe and drops into the unsuspecting town. Sean and Patrick are young best friends who formed the Monsters Club. Chubby Horace is picked on by E.J. and Derek but he's rescued by Rudy. Sean's little sister Phoebe keeps hanging around. Sean's father police detective Del (Stephen Macht) is called in after a mummy is stolen from the museum. At the police station, a man claiming to a werewolf is demanding to be locked up. Dracula gathers them along with Swamp Thing and Frankenstein's Monster to wreck havoc and recover a magical amulet. Sean is given Van Helsing's diary but it's written in German. They get their mysterious neighbor Scary German Guy to translate the diary.This is reminiscent of 'The Goonies'. A bunch of young kids going on an incredible adventure. That's always a great concept. This isn't terribly scary. The monsters look old-timey. However it is a lot of fun. It's got funny moments like "Wolfman's got nards!" and the little girl is loads of fun. The older sister should probably be brought in a little earlier. She adds a different needed energy. The other kids are all good but nobody really stands out. Overall, this is a fun monster movie for the kids.

Some kids who are really into those old Universal horror flicks have this club they call The Monster Squad. But soon enough their knowledge about how to kill some of these legendary creatures comes in mighty handy in their small town.Andre Gower and Robby Kiger head the group and it's a good thing their services were needed right at this point in time. By the look of them in another year these kids would be hitting puberty full stride, one of them Ryan Lambert is already showing inclination of interest in the opposite sex.Best scene in the film is during the climax when a virgin is needed to read an incantation and when it doesn't quite work because the virgin's not quite a virgin Gower's little sister is brought in as a pinch hitter. Duncan Regehr makes a fine, menacing Dracula topping the cast performance list. Regehr plays it absolutely straight for the young audience this film was aimed at.With an original premise based on how Bud&Lou got tangled up with all their monsters in Abbott&Costello Meet Frankenstein and a climax which liberally borrowed from the Back To The Future films, The Monster Squad is still an enjoyable film for young audiences.

Monsters University as a prequel did have a fair bit to live up to, seeing as Monsters Inc is one of Pixar's best films. It is not as good as that film though, it doesn't quite have the same degrees of originality and heart(though there is still a fair bit of heart here, just that the final 10 minutes of Monsters Inc were among the most heartfelt moments of any Pixar film), but Monsters University is still more than worthy to it without being one of their best. And it is Pixar's best since Toy Story 3, Cars 2 and Brave were not as bad as often said on IMDb but compared to what Pixar had done before they fell short. As always with Pixar, the animation is amazing. The details, vibrant colours, eye-popping backgrounds and beautifully rendered characters are all here and done in a way that makes it true to the style of the original film. The uplifting and beautifully composed music score is also something to look out for, as are the witty screenplay, the interplay between Sulley and Mike is loose and recognisable and is often hilarious, the clever sight gags and affectionate nods to live action frat comedies. The humour comes by at a breakneck pace, but still gives you time to breathe at the same time. The story, while not as original as Monsters Inc, is still interesting and paced in a way that allows all the family to be entertained. It is also full of endless charm, perfectly pitched humour and great heartfelt morals that don't preach, telling a good story is one of Pixar's strongest points and it shows. The characters are still wonderful, it is easy to love Sulley and Mike still even in their younger versions, there are shades of Randall's character in the original coming through here and Dean Hardscrabble is a great addition, a literal monster's answer to Rebecca's Mrs Danvers. The lack of Boo doesn't hurt the film, despite fears that it would do. The voice acting is fantastic, John Goodman and Billy Crystal carry their lead roles splendidly and Helen Mirren is wonderfully stone-faced and menacing. Everybody gives their character a personality and one that stands out. To conclude, while not quite as good as Monsters Inc or one of Pixar's best it does compliment the original Monsters Inc really well and is a step-up from their previous two films. 9/10 Bethany Cox

Another day, another found footage indie horror flick consisting of three stories explored by a documentary film crew. Their remit is to meet and interview three real-life monsters, who take the form of a demon, a vampire, and a skinwalker. What this all boils down to is the usual shaky-camera material and a mix of slow and boring interview snippets with some night camera incidents borrowed from the likes of BLAIR WITCH and REC (or QUARANTINE). It's all very low rent, predictable, and not at all scary.

Devon (Justin Bruening) and Jamal (Jamal Quezaire) are amateur "monster" film makers who post their hoaxes on U-tube. Devon gets the idea to film "real" monsters by placing an ad in an LA newspaper. His circle includes ex-junkie Bryan, who is a quiet religious person and later we get a deeper story. There is also Murielle (Murielle Zuker) Devon's ex-girlfriend, a girl Bryan (Toby Hemingway) thinks he has a shot at until Devon asks Murielle to direct his film.The ad has turned up three people, a vampire (Yvonne Zima) a demon possessed girl (Shiori Ideta) and a Navajo skin-walker (Steven Flores). They are to be interviewed at an old out of the way home during a lunar eclipse. Once the characters are well established the film picks up with a smartly written interview of the vampire who was well portrayed in spite of the contacts. Likewise the other interviews were fairly decent and then they killed the film when they killed the lights. At this point everything went to green first person head cam which was shaky and poorly shot. Sometimes there was a floor cam and other times we had a monster point of view, even though they weren't wearing a cam.As the film slid downhill, they decided to get cute and end it with a twist, one that was poorly conceive and executed.Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

This is very different and much better than I had expected. The monster is sort of a McGuffin for the story of two damaged men.The two principal characters are well-written and well-acted. The plot keeps the audience off-balance and unsure whether to laugh or recoil. I really couldn't predict where it was going, unlike most low-budget horror.Criticisms: The writers didn't seem to know how to end the story, so it kind of limps along too long after the denouement. There is really only one secondary character, the podcast producer, and her acting is very weak. But the focus is on the two main characters, which are great.

Not a great film nor a stinker. Allen who had a podcast until a bad mistake got him off the air, follows people with strange ideas. A letter was written to him by a man whose late wife was a devoted fan, offering $25K to come out, as he knows there is a monster in the woods. The man, Don, is quite eccentric. And that really is the greater part of the movie. At one point, Don disappears, it seems there may be a monster, and Don has heavily boobytrapped everything, and those get triggered. And every time the red light goes on, traps are triggered, and some of them are quite clever. And they are deadly. There is some comic relief and also tension. And is there really a monster? 041b061a72


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